Psocodea Species File (Version 5.0/5.0)
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Psocodea Species File Online

Psococerastis tokyoensis
Psococerastis tokyoensis

Columbicola columbae, British Museum of Natural History, London, 1997
Columbicola columbae
Kevin P. Johnson, Author,
  Illinois Natural History Survey
Vincent S. Smith, Author,
  The Natural History Museum, London
Heidi Hopkins, Author,
  Illinois Natural History Survey
David C. Eades, Principal Database Developer,
  Illinois Natural History Survey

Major Contributors:
  Emilie Bess, Illinois Natural History Survey
  Charles Lienhard, Museum of Natural History, Geneva
             INHS 150th
   NSF logo Development of Psocodea Species File
is supported in part by funding from
the National Science Foundation.

The Psocodea Species File is a taxonomic database that includes data for Psocoptera (bark lice) and Phthiraptera (parasitic lice). Data includes synonymies and citations for all recognized species. Parasitic lice are embedded within bark lice, and thus the single order Psocodea is recognized for both groups.

The Psocodea Species File currently contains data from "Psocoptera (Insecta): World Catalogue and Bibliography" (Lienhard and Smithers 2002). Updates for Psocoptera are in the process of being added. Data from major Phthiraptera catalogs will be added at a later date, together with host associations. When completed this database will house data from over 10,000 valid species and associated data.

To see information contained in the database, use the links across the top of the page.  Click on Search to find a specific taxon or other kinds of information.  Clicking on Taxa will make the order Psocodea your current taxon unless you have previously moved to a different taxon in this session.

This website and database use Species File Software.  Information about the design and use of SFS may be found on a separate website.

Other Places to Start

This database is updated from the literature annually between November and January. Earlier updates to the database are accommodated if a publication is sent as an email attachment to the contact email below. Please send comments and questions about the database and its development to Heidi Hopkins (send mail).  When referencing this website, please use the following format:  Johnson, K. P., Smith, V. S. & Hopkins, H. H. Psocodea Species File Online. Version 5.0/5.0. [retrieval date]. <>.  Use to bookmark this website.

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